Accounting and Tax

Process documents and data to serve the company

Are you getting the right tools and information?

Accounting’s purpose is firstly to respect a number of legal obligations (VAT and tax reports, forms and filing annual accounts). Then it becomes a management tool. Such information requirements are unique to your company, another one will require other specific information.

 We serve a number of NPO and small companies whose needs are quite simple. Other clients have a more complex structure, sometimes in different countries and operate several currencies. Some wish cost accounting tools that we supply upon demand. We are used to discuss about your wishes so that you receive such data.

When was your last tax diagnosis ? Aren’t you paying too much tax ?

There are still tax opportunities which you might eventually beneficiate of. They change with time : some golden a few years ago aren’t anymore and other might be of interest to you : Notional interest or investment deduction : which ones are profitable to you ?

However, the first thing to know is certainly the detailed listing of non-deductible expenses. Write us to get it without any engagement..



Get better organized to reach both personal and professional objectives

It all starts with a diagnosis…

Do you sometimes think that your business doesn’t run as well as you wish or that you could be more efficient, although your daily routine doesn’t allow you to act so?

At Costmasters, when clients express such a concern, we listen to them and discuss before suggesting a unique diagnosis. Screening the whole business, it relies on over 100 qualitative and quantitative indicators. Our report is always a helpful tool.

We then determine how our experience and competence may help you to solve the weaknesses evidenced. In our areas of competencies ( fiancé and organization), we finely analyze how to improve your operations and suggest practical measures make it happen.

Case Studies:

Costmasters are the sole Belgian accountant practice to figure in Steve Pipe’s book « The World’s Most Inspiring Accountants”. The author reports how we helped Jack O’ Shea, a famouns Irish butcher, to grow from one shop to four in Brussels in one year.

This self-taught client experiences a strong growth in Brussels, her revenues get close to 5 million Euros. Lacking organization and risk management, she lets too many receivables to much profits go away. Her team members don’t always take the good decisions. Our diagnosis, followed by her decisions allow her to focus on her essential mission, motivate her team member to be better oriented and more efficient.

Click hereTo learn more about recent cases or raise questions about your situation, .We also do our best to let you obtain local grants whenever possible, therefore increasing the improvement/cost ratio of our work.

Expert Witness 

Upon demand of Courts, , Mr. Markowicz acts as Expert Witness in accounting matters. He always favors conciliation between parties whenever possible. He is member of CEJA, a national association of Expert witnesses and his profile can be found at :




Technical Advisor

To lawyers and parties in litigation, we bring our accounting and financial support before or during the legal process. We interact with them and the clients in order to favor their interest and examine the open possible options.





Assistance to Corporate curators

We support Court authorities to track financial flows, transfer prices… or determine potential reasons of bankruptcies.






Certified Mediator

Why not tempting a mediation to quickly solve a dispute? Specifically trained to this ADR methodology by BMediation in Brussels, we do our maximum to reach this objective. Once successful, the mediation can be deemed official by the Court.

< a id=”actifs”>Do you have a question, wish a preliminary advice or compare your situation to other ones we know ? Contact us at no risk.

Intangible Asset Valuation

Where is your company’s value ?


According to US studies, 84% of company values can’t be found in their financial statements bur rather reside in their intangible assets. That means that lacking specific valuation, owners, bankers and stakeholders don’t get most of the corporate values. Why would it be different in European SMEs ? It isn’t and that’s daily reality.

Therefore the value of your company looks like an iceberg: you can only see a small part of it, most of it is hidden.

Most know intangible assets include brands, patents, client or supplier’s distributorship, database… and so many others.

They can be valued according to specific approaches, as one doesn’t value a factory, offices or inventories like the potential of a team or software. Such valuation occur for various reasons: funding group transfer, external disposal…

If you see your business in such a situation, it’s probably time whether it contains hidden intangible assets or not.

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