To Begin with...

SMEs owners or directors that meet us often express the same concerns : increase their profitability, reduce the tax burden, improve their efficiency or solve a punctual difficulty.

But as each company’s situation is different, we begin by listening to your needs and personal expectations, we don’t believe a single solution will be valid for all entrepreneurs.

Once the diagnostic being clear, we determine how to cooperate with you to allow your reinforcement. Our approach brings a specific practical answer to each problematic.

Since 1994

With over 10 years of experience in internal audit, management control and financial management of very growth-oriented companies, Charles Markowicz founded Costmasters in 1994. Firstly focused on management control assistance to SMEs, the firm enlarged the services offered with tax and accountancy in 1999.

We are located in Uccle, the green neighborhood of Brussels Capital City, in an enjoyable environment for both team members and clients that visit us.

Of course, you don’t have to come to us to get the information pertaining to your company: service providers, entrepreneurs, NPO directors receive such information anywhere in the world and any when.

Our experienced team members continuously improve their knowledge to reach their objectives, being either to increase your profits, reduce the taxes you pay or improve the way you function.

We relief our clients from constraints related to the administration and accounting of their business. Our motivation follows three axes, each one corresponding to some of our specific competencies. Therefore we are…

  • COMPLIANCE AUXILIARIES: complying with tax and accounting due dates. Freed from such support tasks, you get more time to drive the business.
  • CHANGE ACTORS: the world moves faster and faster; we stay at your side to help you getting your share of the move.
  • VALUE VECTORS:  we accompany our clients in the projects that make them progress, create more value and increase the value of their business.

Advising our clients and transferring our knowledge are at the heart of our daily concerns.


We serve clients from/in different countries

Costmasters clients aren’t only pure Belgian ones: some companies invest from abroad. We assist them to start their business, buy an existing company or establish over here. Some trust us from the USA or Asia.

In many countries on the five continents, we have personal contacts with other accountants fully capable to bring solutions to international and complex issues.